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Antimicrobial technology helps develop device for leg ulcer and wound treatment

Medical device company CMC Hygea has developed a new way to aid the treatment and bathing of leg ulcers and lower limb wounds in healthcare facilities.


The PathAguard LUCA contains a reusable antimicrobial washbasin and a single-use, low density antimicrobial polyethylene liner designed to accommodate the liquid solution required to cleanse ulcerated limbs and wounds.

Michael Malone, CEO of CMC Hygea, said: “This IMSTA, Irish Medical and Surgical Trade Award-winning PathAguard LUCA sleeve, which received the accolade of the IMSTA award for best product for primary care in the community in 2016, introduces a new and unique method of cleansing and treating ulcerated legs and lower limb wounds. Currently there is no comparable product on the market in which to safely wash ulcerated limbs and treat podiatry issues".

The biomaster antimicrobial technology built into the plastic provides a barrier to inhibit the growth of pathogens, and is effective against hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) such as MRSA.

Ageing populations and increasing obesity levels has resulted in an increase in certain conditions such as leg ulcers which have to be managed in an efficient and timely manner.

People with open wounds however are always vulnerable to bacterial cross-contamination from hands and from the environment.

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