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Antimicrobial player launches joint venture over dental applications

Parx Plastics has announced the incorporation of a new joint venture, under the name Zinkh NV, to market its antimicrobial technology in dental applications.


First in-vivo trials incorporating the antimicrobial and antibiofilm technology show benefits of the technology in contact with damaged gums as it is delivering fast healing after prosthetic surgery, and in contact with teeth as it is preventing plaque build-up.

Dr. Gianluca di Chiaro said: “The curing times seen after placement of dental prosthesis, applying a custom fit Zinkh plate on the damages gum and tissue, are unprecedented. This technology has the potential to change the world of dentistry and seriously reduce infection risks associated with these procedures.”

The Parx Plastics technology is derived from biomimicry and is making use of the trace element of Zinc. In the oral cavity, it is naturally present at various sites such as dental plaque, dental hard tissues and saliva. It is proven to be effective against common prevalent oral health problems such as dental caries, gingivitis, periodontitis and malodour. It is already being used in various oral healthcare products to control the formation of dental plaque and inhibiting the formation of dental calculus. Most importantly low Zn2+ levels in the serum are useful as a tumour marker. Thus, taking a note of its potentials, it can be concluded that zinc is a precious element for the maintenance of oral health.

Preventing plaque build-up over night

The first in-vivo trials are showing promising results for preventative applications. Tests led by Dr. Gianluca di Chiaro in Italy are indicating reduced plaque build-up when wearing a dental appliance that uses Parx Plastics antimicrobial technology. Within this context, the long-term goal is to develop a so-called prevention tray that helps susceptible patients maintain oral health by reducing excessive bacteria build-up throughout the night.

Plaque detection tests

A plaque detection tests was performed on patient A using a pink liquid after which the teeth were cleaned and the patient was sent home with a Zinkh custom fit tray. The patient was asked not to brush his teeth for 48 hours and instead wear the Zinkh trays in the night for 8 hours. After the 48 hours another plaque detection was done showing little to no plaque build-up

A plaque detection test was performed on patient B using a pink liquid after which the teeth were cleaned, and the patient was sent away with a Zinkh custom fit tray. The patient was asked to wear the tray for a period of 15 hours after which a new plaque detection was performed showing little to no plaque build-up in this 15-hour time period.

In parallel, Dr. Di Chiaro has documented experiments that visualise how Parx Plastics’ technology helps to reduce the bacteria on the surgical site both before and after the surgery. These tests have laid the foundation for the development of custom dental appliances aimed to reduce the risk of peri-implantitis and the implant failure that comes along with the disease.

Parx Plastics developed and patented a method to incorporate the trace element of Zinc in polymers. This innovative method using the second most abundant trace element in the human body creates a modified mechanical/physical surface property that makes the surface resistant to bacteria and biofilm formation. Bacteria are not be able to adhere to the surface and do not proliferate on the surface which results in a 99.9% or higher antimicrobial performance measured according to international norm ISO 22916. The technology does not only use a biocompatible and non-toxic element, but the technology is also intrinsic in the material and generates the antimicrobial effect without migration. So, without the use of any toxic substances and without any elements leaching from the surface makes it an unprecedented safe technology. Since May 2018 Parx Plastics is a listed company on Euronext in Paris with ticker MLPRX.

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