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2019 Innovations in Thermal Spray Coatings, Self-Healing Coatings, Silica Nanohybrid Coating, Anti-microbial Coatings, and Sensors for Corrosion Detection -

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The "Innovations in Thermal Spray Coatings, Self-Healing Coatings, Silica Nanohybrid Coating, Anti-microbial Coatings, and Sensors for Corrosion Detection" report has been added to's offering.

This issue of Advanced Coating & Surface Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) covers innovations in thermal spray coatings, self-healing coatings, silica nanohybrid coating, and anti-microbial coatings. It also focuses on Fiber Bragg grating sensors for pitted corrosion detection in thermal coatings, and non-destructive terahertz sensors for assessing thickness of coatings in automotive applications.

The Advanced Coating & Surface Technology TOE provides intelligence on technologies, products, processes, applications and strategic insights on various coatings across industries. This encompasses protective and functional coatings such as antimicrobial coatings, food coatings, energy-saving coatings, smart glazing, hydrophilic, hydrophobic and super hydrophobic coatings, corrosion protection coatings, barrier coatings and paints.

The Chemicals and Advanced Materials cluster tracks research & innovation trends and developments across specialty chemicals, plastics, polymers, chemicals, bio-chemicals, metals, coatings, thin films, surface treatments, composites, alloys, oil and gas, fuel additives, fibers and several other related technologies and its impact and application across industries.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. Cost-efficient Zinc Aluminum Thermal Spray Coatings for Anti-saline Corrosion
  2. Nanosensors for Monitoring Early Stages of Metallic Corrosion
  3. Pressure and Temperature Sensors Embedded on the Surface of Injection Molding Tools
  4. Non-destructive Terahertz Sensors for Coatings Thickness Assessment in Automotive Applications
  5. Corrosion Sensing Coating with Polymeric Nanocapsules
  6. High Application Prospects for Manufacturing and Marine Industries
  7. Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors for Pitted Corrosion Detection in Thermal Coatings
  8. Enables Corrosion Monitoring and Protection in Harsh Environments
  9. Corn Starch-based Self-healing Coating
  10. Silica Nanohybrid Coating with Tunable Multi-functionality
  11. Silver- and Ruthenium-based Anti-microbial Coating
  12. Novel Coating with Microgel Flecks for Medical Devices
  13. Key Contacts

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» Publication Date: 16/04/2019

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