Dissemination ACTIVITIES

[10/06/2016] - 1st RIGA workshop held in Albenga (Italy)

The last 8th of June the RIGA consortium hold the 1st project workshop focus on the results of the project.

The main audience, Italian growers and companies interested in the industrial development, showed their interest by asking several questions at the end of the workshop.


The day before (7th June) the RIGA partners met for their 24tm meeting and took the advantage of visiting Cersaa facilities.

[16/05/2016] - RIGA project results and applications will be presented the next 8th of July 2016 in a workshop that will take place in CERSAA facilities in Italy
[03/03/2016] - RIGA consortium visit some companies in Belgium

Riga partners visited:


Tomato Master, tomatoes grower in a glasshouse (Gent, Belgium)

Microflor, orchids nursery plants grower  (Destelbergen, Belgium)  We were not allow to take pictures inside

Luc Dierick, Laurus nobilis tree producers (Destelbergen, Belgium) 

Strawberry -Asparagus grower (West Flanders Region)


Parsley -Zucchini grower (West Flanders Region)

[04/03/2016] - The partners of the Eco-Innovation project RIGA, met last 24th in PCG facilities in Ghent (Belgium)

Taking the advantage of this meeting, the consortium have visited some growers companies (tomatoes growers, asparagus growers, strawberry growers and ornamental plants growers) in order to promote the benefits of this new pipe with anti-microbial  and anti-roots functionalities.

[13/01/2016] - The RIGA consortium will meet in Ghent (Belgium) on the 24th and 25th February. With the main purpose to promote RIGA results, during those days several visits to growers have already be settled
[17/07/2015] - Start of companies visit by the RIGA Consortium

Riga partners visiting:


- SABARESE an orange growers company in Catania (Sicily-Italy)


- GIAN GREGO ROSALIA an strwaberryes  growers and sellers company by the Etna Mountain  (Sicily-Italy)


- GIOVANNI GRASSO a tomatoes growers and industry company in Fuimefredo  (Sicily-Italy)

[12/05/2015] - RIGA

TV Programme broadcasted in Primo Canale, Italy.

CERSAA explains RIGA Project.